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Trauma Recovery

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Any situation that a person finds traumatic, frightening or distressing can cause complex trauma. Complex Trauma, while not yet a diagnosable condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of disorders (DSM) has been recognised as a cluster of symptoms that arise from interpersonal trauma often in childhood where the victim is not able to perceive a way to escape.

Complex trauma affects people differently. Some of the known common symptoms include: fear of trusting people, difficulty managing emotions, hypervigilance around people, loss of faith, hurt inner child (this is where a survivor would subconsciously seek to meet unmet childhood needs in adulthood), helplessness and toxic shame, and suicidal ideation. Trauma therapy such as EMDR can help address various symptoms of traumatic stress.

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Stress Management

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Stress is your body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. It’s very common, can be motivating to help us achieve things in our daily life, and can help us meet the demands of home, work and family life. But too much stress can affect our mood, our body and our relationships – especially when it leaves us feeling out of control, anxious and irritable, or if it affects our self-esteem – so it is important to start dealing with the things that distress you.

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress over a long period of time you may experience physical, mental and emotional exhaustion – often called burnout. Let us help you get things in balance.

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

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EMDR is an effective therapy method to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences. It is different from traditional talk therapy as it does not require detailed or extensive talking about the distressing event. It also does not require completion of ‘homework.’ EMDR is designed to help resolve unprocessed traumatic stress in the brain and can be helpful in addressing a number of challenges such as:

● Anxiety
● Panic attacks
● Phobias
● Depression
● Personality Disorders
● PTSD, trauma and stress-related issues
● Grief and loss
● Performance anxiety

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Anxiety and Phobia

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Our therapist will guide you through well researched and proven methods to help you lower your anxiety levels, calm your mind, and overcome your fears.  It is possible to overcome anxiety and almost all phobias can be successfully treated and cured.

Everyone experiences anxiety differently.  You may find that your worrying is uncontrollable and is causing you distress or affecting your daily life. Maybe you are feeling restless, irritable, tense or have difficulty sleeping and get tired easily.

If you experience an extreme, overwhelming and debilitating fear of a specific object, place, situation, feeling or animal or even thinking about one, you may have developed a phobia. There are a wide variety of objects or situations that someone could develop a phobia about. Although you can choose to live with a phobia by taking great care to avoid the object or situation you are  afraid of, you may find that, continually trying to avoid what you’re afraid of is upsetting or exhausting and may make the situation worse. With our expertise and support, you can learn to overcome phobia.

We will work with you to better manage the full variety of life’s anxieties and to resolve core conflicts that may be the source of your fears and anxiety. You may be surprised at how quickly you start to overcome the things that are holding you back.

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Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t ~ Rikki Rogers

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